Erika Kerékgyártó has represented multinational and large-scale companies as a senior manager in twenty countries since 1 May 1996, the foundation of Fortano Deposit Company and has also worked as an interpreter for many years. She has gained her managerial and sales experience in various areas of the economy such as foreign trade, marketing, logistics, corporate governance, market development, and B2B sales.

SDL_nyelv_szoftverFORTANO has an experience of 20 years in the field of translation and interpretation. Mainly multinational companies contract us for the translation of their internal documents or correspondence, which we carry out with responsibility and with maximum discretion.

One of the most popular translation programs, Trados has been used since 2013. This does not mean that the translations are performed by software. On the contrary: it rules out the possibility of human error. The use of this software helps our professional translators not to pass over any word. The finished translations are sent to our customers with the image of the original document in an editable format even if the source was received in PDF format.

Primary areas of expertise and the most often translated document types are such as but not limited to:

  • finance: business, financial and audit reports …
  • commerce: contracts, tenders, applications …
  • management: subcontracts, supply-, leasing-, dealer-, leasing- and employment contracts …
  • technical translation: technical specifications, operating, commissioning and maintenance manuals, technology and manufacturing instructions, certificates …
  • quality assurance: manuals, process descriptions, work instructions, test procedures, memos, reports …
  • occupational safety, fire protection, accident prevention, and disaster management: policies, strategies, rescue plans, risk assessments, reports, logs, registers …
  • marketing: PR articles, catalogs, brochures, product descriptions, price lists, references, advertisements …
  • websites

How do we work?

marketing_fooldal_kepOur clients usually contact us via e-mail and inform us about the length and the nature of the text as well as about the required deadline. Based on the information received we give feedback in a few minutes with the expectable lead time. Whenever our regular customers need short but urgent translations, they get them within 1-2 hours.

All the translations are made with SDL Trados Studio 2017, therefore:

  • The translations are finished quicker because the translation memory of the software stores all the segments we have ever translated and in case of consistency it is recycling the previously translated content. This method accelerates especially the translation of protocols, periodic reports, contracts, statements.
  • The price is lower, especially for our key customers, for whom we work regularly. This follows from the fact that in case e.g. the last year’s framework contract was translated by our company, this year we charge translation fee only for the modification, which is a significant saving.
  • Our translations are sent with the print image of the original document even if the original was received in PDF. This is due to our translation technology that creates Word format from those PDF documents which had been saved from text editors, (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc). In this case the translations are sent in editable format but with the print image of the original document.

The translation fee depends on


  • The length of the text, as we invoice the translations on the basis of the gross character count (number of characters including spaces) written in the target language in the finished text.
  • The desired lead time, because prices are different in case of normal, urgent, and express speed.
  • The nature of the document, because if the same text is repeated throughout the document, we charge the translation fee only once. In other words: the more is the recurrence, the lower the translation fee. (This is an important consideration in case of e.g. the translation of catalogs, price lists, etc.)
  • The previous translations, because all those texts that have ever been translated by us are stored in translation memories. If the ordered translation is the modified version of a previously translated material, you pay only for the translation of the modification, which is a significant saving.
  • The language pair (source language – target language), the lead time might be longer i.e. in case of an English-Chinese translation depending on the capacity of our specialist.

Lead time

Normal translation
In case our colleagues need to translate less than 14.000 characters per working day to keep the confirmed lead time – not considering the day of the order, weekends, and holidays – the service is invoiced at a normal price.

Urgent translation
Those projects that require our colleagues to translate more than 14.000 but less than 20.000 characters per working day. Since in such cases the lead time requires the period after the working hours and may take the weekends as well, we charge 50% over the normal translation fee.

Express translation
All those projects, for which the deadline requires the translation of more than 20.000 characters per working day. Such works we undertake with a 100% surcharge. The deadline is sacred even in these cases and speed naturally cannot affect the quality and compliance of the translations. These projects are treated as a key priority over all other works. It occurs, that a whole team of translators work on the same project cooperating with one another.

Ask our quotation in case of specific needs! Please contact us!

  Prices from 2020.06.01 in HUF Normal translation Urgent translation Express translation
general translation technical translation general translation technical translation general translation technical translation
From foreign language into Hungarian 2,10 2,30 3.83 4.28 5.10 5.70
From Hungarian into a foreign language 2.85 3.60 4.28 5.40 5.70 7.20
From foreign language into a foreign language 4.43 4.65 6.75 7.20 8.55 8.85

The above prices do not include VAT and charged on the basis of the gross character count (number of characters including spaces) in HUF.

Price for proofreading

The rate of proofreading is 50% over the translation fee. This price includes linguistic control during which our native proofreader compares the source and target text while checking content, terminology, style, and grammar and implement modifications if needed.

One of our key customers rated our work as follows:

Vitafoam Hungary has been ordered technical and other translations from Fortano Ltd. for years. They work quickly in a smooth, precise way, which is very important for our company. Their professional language knowledge is essential for us, they carry out the technical translation with excellent accuracy. They provide permanent accessibility on business days and inform us in advance about the annual leave and the timeliness of major projects so that we could schedule ourselves accordingly as partners. Following the orders the communication is continuous and the invoicing is correct.

We especially appreciate their loyalty that is based on our partnership: they undertake extraordinary (immediate) work as well and they have always sent our orders within the confirmed deadline.

HSE assistant
Operational Department
Vitafoam Hungary Ltd. / The VITA Group